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How To Make Your Home More COPD Friendly

How To Make Your Home More COPD Friendly Living with COPD is a daily challenge. While there’s only so much that you can do outside of your home to make living with this illness easier, there are some great changes that can be made in your own home to improve your daily life. We’ll go through some changes that can be made right at home! Of course, if you’re having significant difficulties around the house due to your COPD, you should definitely consider hospice care, along with these tips. Avoid Stairs One of the most straightforward ways to avoid stairs…
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COPD Hospice Referral Guidelines

COPD Awareness Month: Hospice Referral Guidelines By: Laura Mantine, MD Chronic lung disease is the 4th most common cause of death among older adults in the United States. More than 3 million people worldwide died of COPD in 2015, representing 6% of all deaths that year. People dying from COPD frequently experience difficult and uncomfortable symptoms that lead to distress and panic. They commonly have disabling respiratory symptoms including severe breathlessness, limited tolerance for activity, and intractable coughing. They are also usually oxygen dependent, often experience anorexia with weight loss, cachexia, and ultimately become dependent on others for their activities…