Levels of Hospice Care

There are four levels of care available to patients based on their particular medical needs at any given time. These include:

Routine Home Care– Routine care is the most common method of care delivery. Professionals and volunteers provide care at the patient’s place of residence, within the comfort of a familiar environment.

Inpatient Care– At times patients may require a short stay in a hospital or other inpatient facility to control symptoms or pain that cannot be controlled in the home setting.

Continuous Care– Continuous care is a provision of hospice care that allows for 24 hour/day care by hospice staff in the patient’s home. It is meant as a short term alternative to hospitalization for patients experiencing acute symptoms.

Respite Care– Patients may be placed in a long-term care facility for up to five days in circumstances when family members and/or other caregivers are having difficulty coping with the stresses caregiving and need time for rest.