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The Hospice of North Alabama Difference

Hospice of North Alabama continues to provide a higher level of hospice care. Let Hospice of North Alabama become a member of your family.

We provide a higher level of hospice care by providing premium comfort care, addressing individual needs, and utilizing a low patient/nurse ratio, allowing for more care time whenever needed.

Our mission is to provide premium comfort care to patients, families, and caregivers through an interdisciplinary team approach that understands, respects, and meets individual needs.
Hospice of North Alabama nurses are centrally located in Alabama so they may be more reactive for emergency visits. We are available during after-hours and weekend periods and every call is answered by a nurse located in Huntsville and Shoals Area, who will be eagerly waiting to help.

Hear Our Mission

Hospice of North Alabama is a nurse-driven organization, which means registered nurses are at the leadership helm of the company, placing patient safety and satisfaction at the forefront. Our RN Case Managers have substantially lower patient-to-nurse ratios than other hospices in the county and the industry as a whole. We believe our work is so vitally important that nurses should not be rushed during their visits and should have ample time to address every patient need or concern.

Find Us In Your Community

Hospice of North Alabama takes pride in caring for our neighbors; we see you in the local market, at social events, in the community, or at sporting events. Because you are our neighbors, we want to provide the very best care available.

We Are Fully Staffed 24/7/365

Hospice of North Alabama nurses are waiting in our centrally located office in Alabama to ensure patients receive a rapid response for emergency situations 24/7/365. When a patient has uncontrolled symptoms during the night, they should not wait for a call-back from a nurse. Hospice of North Alabama cares for patients like they are family, therefore we invest in maintaining nursing staff in our office waiting to help around the clock.

Where Faith, Love & Hospice Come Together…

Hospice of North Alabama provides compassionate end of life care designed to meet the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of patients and their families. We are a local, community-based organization dedicated to ensuring that patients are given the support needed to live their last days to the fullest with respect, grace, and dignity.

Our experienced, caring, and knowledgeable staff take an interdisciplinary approach to care, and focus on making the end stages of life as comfortable as possible for patients and their loved-ones. We advocate for our patients, helping them carry out the wishes and decisions they have made regarding their final days.

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