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Caregiver Testimonials

At Hospice of North Alabama, our reputation means more to us than just an online review. We receive hundreds of handwritten letters from our patients’ families and caregivers, expressing their gratitude for exceeding the expectations of hospice care. It is our passion to serve those in the most delicate part of their lives.

Read what some of our greatest advocates are saying about their experience with Hospice of North Alabama: 


“I am blessed to work with HNA. The company really cares for their employees. In return this is why our staff provides excellent patient care. I wish every day that I had started with this company years ago.”

“It would be impossible to overstate the difference their caring and compassionate team made in the final days of my wife’s life, both for me and my wife. Our nurse Jennifer made sure we both understood what would be coming as my wife’s body started shutting down. At each visit she treated my wife with respect and as if she could understand, even on days when my wife was neither lucid nor responsive. And Jennifer kept a very close watch on pain, adjusting my wife’s medications to keep up with changing circumstances and keep her comfortable.”

“Hospice of North Alabama, in Huntsville was called on for the care of my mother who had Alzheimers. My mother was bedridden for 5 months, and Hospice of North Alabama was there to help ease us through those final months of her life. The sensitivity of Hospice’s employees were evident at every visit. Their willingness to be available and to explain what was going on at each phase of her illness was a huge help and provided much comfort and peace of mind. I wish to thank those at Hospice for their efforts, caring support and assistance. Their dedication and professionalism displayed in the care of my mother will forever be remembered and greatly appreciated.”

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