Payment for Services

Medical insurance may cover some of your hospice bills. Medicare says that if you have Part A insurance, your doctor declared that you’re terminally ill and you signed a statement saying that you choose to get hospice or palliative care instead of other treatments, you’re eligible for their benefit. They can cover everything from your prescription drugs to short-term inpatient care. However, they won’t foot the bill for prescription drugs that are outside of your symptom control and pain relief essentials. Medicaid’s eligibility requirements and coverage for hospice care are the same. It’s best to use both providers to get better compensation.

Hospice of North Alabama accepts Medicare, Medicaid, select private insurance plans, and other forms of reimbursement for its services.


Hospice of North Alabama accepts Medicare and Medicaid. The programs cover 100% of the services provided under the plan of care. As a result, most patients do not incur any out of pocket expenses.

For issues unrelated to a patient’s primary diagnosis, Medicare and Medicaid will continue to provide normal benefits.

Private Insurance:

Hospice of North Alabama accepts select private insurance plans. Please contact one of our local offices to find out if we are an in-network provider for your plan.

Each insurance company has unique coverage policies for hospice and home health. Hospice of North Alabama will be happy to contact the patient’s insurer to obtain the coverage information such as covered services, deductibles, copays, limits, etc.