Additional Care Services

Inpatient Care Options

Hospice care happens within the comfort of a patient’s residence, but there may be times when you need to be transferred to a hospital or inpatient facility. Here at Hospice of North Alabama, we will keep you comfortable while you get your treatment through our inpatient hospice care services. With us, the facility you are in will be your home away from home.

There are many facilities to choose from when getting inpatient hospice care. These include hospital hospice units and nursing homes. Here’s what you can expect from them.

  • Hospital Units – Some hospitals have hospice units for patients with symptoms that need constant monitoring. If you’re not comfortable in a medical facility, these rooms are separate from the hustle and bustle of the hospital. We take our time in answering questions you and your loved ones about your treatment.
  • Nursing Homes – Like hospitals, some nursing homes also have dedicated hospice units. Here, you’ll enjoy round-the-clock care from both our staff and the staff of the nursing homes. We make sure to coordinate with the facility so we can work to deliver the care you want while you’re receiving treatment.

Routine Home Care Options

Routine home care services are the first level of hospice care. It’s also the most common option. It’s more convenient, as the patient doesn’t have to be away from their place of comfort to receive treatment.

To be assigned this option, however, the patient should not have any acute symptoms that may need short-term hospitalization. This service can last from a couple of weeks or even months, depending on the person’s illness and when they started hospice care.

The routine home care service we provide at Hospice of North Alabama is handled by a qualified team made up of physicians, medical directors, registered nurses, social workers, hospice aides, trained volunteers, and even chaplains. Our multidisciplinary staff allows us to provide you and your family personalized care and counseling.

Although this service is often done at a person’s residence, it can also be provided wherever a patient “calls home.” As such, they can get routine home care from a nursing home or even a hospice care facility. If you elect to receive service from a nursing home, our staff will work with their schedules to ensure you get adequate care round-the-clock.

Our nurses are on-call 24/7, so medical assistance is just a few taps away. Our hospice aides and volunteers may give you regular visits to help with your daily activities. And if you need physical or speech therapy and nutrition counseling, we’ll send therapists and dietitians to help you out.

Hospice of North Alabama wants to give you home care that’s unique to your needs. Don’t hesitate to let one of our nurses know your decisions and wishes during your last days.

Medicine & Equipment

You’ll have access to our supply of pain and symptom-related medications and medical equipment when you opt for our routine home care service. Our skilled doctors will work with you to figure out a treatment plan that’s best for your situation. Apart from providing the necessary meds, your physician will also give advice to you and your caregiver on how to manage your pain and other symptoms.

Grief & Bereavement Support

Losing a loved one is never easy. We have trained volunteers and chaplains who can provide your family with the emotional and spiritual support they need when the time comes. They will also give you counseling if you are still coming to terms with your situation.